Sensing & Modelling Human Behaviour


Going through a paper by Mehrotra [1], a very comprehensive review of what has already been achieved through the analysis of social media and mobile data. Amazing to realise the wide range of behaviours that can be observed from this data, from emotion and mood to political election and earthquake propagation.

The analysis process: user behaviour => passive sensing data / user feedback questionnaires => data mining => intervention

These data are ‘ … allowing researchers to address research questions in completely new ways’. On the top of the outlook for this research field, they set the challenge of combining this quantitative data with the classic qualitative method of social sciences. Indeed, the quantitative data is large scale and passive but often hard to interpret. Classic qualitative methods are seen as a resource to understand the quantitative data.

[1] Abhinav Mehrotra and Mirco Musolesi, 3.18 – Sensing and Modeling Human Behavior Using Social Media and Mobile Data, In Comprehensive Geographic Information Systems, edited by Bo Huang,, Elsevier, Oxford, 2018, Pages 313-319, ISBN 9780128047934,

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